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        - 2018-12-18-




        2、请用户在选用大连宏亚产品时,仔细阅读公司官网上的宣传样本、使用说明等资料,如大连宏亚的产品在质量、性能、外观上让您误认为是苏尔寿(SULZER)的产品,请您与我们公司销售部门联系核实,或者与大连宏亚实际产品进行比对。大连宏亚产品的注册商标是埃尔泰特,英文商标Airtight ,与苏尔寿(SULZER)有明显的区别。










        The civil judgment of the plaintiff SulzerDalianfactory (hereinafter referred to as Sulzer SULZER) and the defendant Dalian Hongya Pump Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dalian Hongya) is now in the People's Court of Xigang District, Dalian. The book ((2018) Liao 0203 No. 276) issued the following statement:

        1. Here disclaimer, Dalian Hongya pump industry Co., Ltd. is not associated nor a distributor for any of other pump manufacturers. We have our independent system of research, development, production and sales for pulp pumps, magnetic pumps and other various chemical process pumps have nothing to do with SULZER. They are all Dalian Hongya's own products.

        2. When users choose Dalian Hongya products, please read the samples and instructions on the company's official website before buying.  There are totally differences between Hongya’s pulp pump and Sulzer’s pulp pump regarding quality, performance, and appearance, please check all details info or contact Hongya’s salesman first if have any inquires about our pump. “HONG AIRTIGHT” is the trademark owned by Hongya pump, there is visible difference between “HONG AIRTIGHT” and “SUlZER”.

        3. IF customers obtained any documents or info relating to our pulp & paper pump or anything else from unofficial channel, please contact us to verify it’s authenticity.

        4. Dalian Hongya Pump Co., Ltd. will be humbly taking Sulzer Pump and as a model, improve management, product quality, and provide better products for pulp and paper industry!

        5. The Legal Department of Dalian Hongya Pump Co., Ltd. reserve the right of final explanations


        The end

                                                                                            Dalian Hongya Pump Co., Ltd.

                         5thDec, 2018